Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Three years of Bruschi

Bruschi's birthday is Saturday, February 21. He turns 3 this year, and it is now hard for me to remember a time when Brian and I were without Puggle. Caring for another being truly changed our lives in a profound way. Bruschi is, and I believe will always be a bit of a menace, and that makes us love him even more.

Here are my top 10 (ok 12) memories from Puppyhood.

- Realizing that a three-month old Bruschi licked my diamond earring out of my ear, then waiting 48 hours to get it back. NOTE: All diamond earrings need to come with screw-backs vs. standard posts.

- Coming home after a Yankee game to find one happy Puggle and one completely and utterly distraught-to-the-point-of-tears husband, who spent 5 hours trying to entertain a puppy.

- Bruschi Graduating "Most Improved" from Puppy Basic. (To say it was an upward climb is an understatement).

- Seeing Bruschi curl up on the couch with Kodi for the first time, snuggling.

- Watching the foster pups teach Bruschi how to take toys out of his toy box so that he did not have to whine and moan for a human to do it.

- The infamous night where Bruschi learned how to escape the crate, then came barreling into our bed.

- The second most infamous night when Bruschi learned how to hop over the extremely tall baby grate, then came barreling into our bed.

- Watching him chase his first rabbit across the back yard, until it ran under the fence, at which point he looked up at us and if he could speak, he would have said "Where'd the bunny go?"

- The day that I realized his ears were finally in closer proportion to the rest of his face.

- Him tunneling into a pillow case, then rolling all about in it until he figured how to get out.

- How he would have the zoomies one minute, launch himself onto my lap the next, and pass out.

- Putting a very sleepy puppy to bed in the crate every night (pre-houdini-ing out of it) and watching him curl up into a teeny tiny ball.