Tuesday, March 15, 2011

If you like Puggles 'n' Prose, you'll LOVE Paws to Toes...

New Baby New Blog?

A few months back I found myself having strong desires to blog about my experience to date with a new baby and two absolutely, positively wonderful dogs (and the occasional foster).  And so "Paws to Toes, Snout to Nose" was born (easy, all natural labor :) ).

Life with baby is spectacular, but what really was driving my desire to post is just how awesome my dogs have been with the first screaming and crying infant, now movin' and groovin' munchkin.  Watching them grow together just makes me smile... even when they join forces to execute evil (like getting food OUT of the fridge, getting in TO the dishwasher, raiding the diaper bag for munchies....)

Paws to Toes is NOT a mushy-gushy mom blog... but there is a lot of wet kisses caught on camera!

And as if that on its own isn't a good enough reason to stop on by at Paws to Toes (click on link), this video is:

How'd that Puggle Get In to the Dishwasher???:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pDxqq63H_U&feature=channel_video_title

What's That Puggle Been Doin??

How has it been over a year since my last post??  Well, our household Puggle has been quite the busy "family man" these days... he's got a new project... Teaching Toddler everything he knows....

Check out this video for a glimpse of his new fun:

Dog Park Fun with Teddy

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today in Daily Dog Walk

Brian sent me this email after the dogs' near-daily walk. The email was titled "Summary of Dog Walk."

  • Bruschi finds wrapped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup….RPB Cup removed from Puggle and disposed of
  • Bruschi finds wrapped Three Musketeers bar…. 3M bar removed from Puggle and disposed of
  • Kodi raises hind quarters to pee on lamppost….Bruschi sticks his head under Kodi’s po-po….Bruschi gets pee’d on

Nothing else to report.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bruschi, Kodi, meet Teddy!

This is sort of a teaser post-- because the videos and photos aren't quite ready yet, but I couldn't resist blogging about Brian's and my latest adventure-- introducing Bruschi and Kodi to our new baby, Theodore.

We've been doing household baby prep for the past 9 months-- exposing the dogs to more babies and children, setting up the baby gear, correcting some nagging behavior problems (like barking and pulling on the leash, riding in the front seat of the car, etc). For me, this was more important than any aspect of "nesting."
If I didn't already have an infinite number of reasons I love my dogs before yesterday, i'd have another one afterward. Bruschi and Kodi had a fabulous reaction to the new edition. I couldn't have asked for better, and, I couldn't have asked for two more patient dogs yesterday while Brian and I stumbled through our solo flight as parents, without the help of nurses, a nursery or my mother.

And, perhaps because while still in the womb, Teddy had tons of dog exposure (animal welfare research projects, HSUS Conference, trip to Best Friends, numerous adoption events, a foster dog, a few obedience classes...) barking, sniffing and wet noses did not seem to phase him.

Stay tuned for more details on the actual introduction, including some video footage.
below: kodi and I at 8 m0s, Bruschi and I the night before the baby was born. gotta love cell phone cameras!

Monday, August 24, 2009

QT with the Pups

Excessive home renovations and baby prep limited time lavishing the pups with fun adventures and outings this summer, and a few weeks ago, I craved some quality time with Bruschi and Kodi.

In the car we got, headed to Quiet Waters in Annapolis for a day of play, then lunch downtown. Bruschi and Kodi took in the multiple dog parks, trail walk, and the romp on the beach. Bruschi bravely entered the water, chest deep, and Kodi took to critter surveillance in the swamp.

After, we stopped at the conveniently located dog spa just outside the park to de-stinkify the canines, then headed to a nice Annapolis restaurant with an outdoor dining patio that catered to dogs.

We rode home with the top down and two very, very tired dogs.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Refresher on Terms and Conditions Surrounding Sleeping in My Bed

To: Bruschi and Kodi
From: Colleen
Re: Refresher on the terms and conditions surrounding sleeping in my bed
Date: July 5, 2009

1. Amount of space you are allowed in the bed is proportionate to your weight and height. You can not take up more room than me. Stretching out from limb to limb and laying diagonal will not fool me into thinking you need more space. This will only earn you the title "bed hog."

2. I will require my pillow back when I return from the bathroom. You can keep it warm for me, but do not pretend to be in a deep sleep, and unable to wake up when I ask for it back. I will wake you up.

3. We sleep UNDER the covers. Sleeping on top of them, anchoring them down is not helpful. I understand you might get hot during the night, but remember, I do not wear fur to bed like you do, and therefore need unrestricted access to the covers.

4. Spooning together is OK. Sleeping on my head is not.

5. I brush my teeth before I go to bed out of good hygiene practices and respect for others that sleep with me, including you. Please do the same. If you forget, we will not be able to sleep face-to-face.

6. I still have to get up in the morning, even if you lay on top of my legs like dead weight. This does not make it any easier for me to get out of bed to go make a living, so that you can continue to enjoy the pampered life you lead.

7. Your tail often betrays you. When your body is completely still, but your tail is moving, I know you are awake and only pretending to be asleep so that you think you don't have to shift positions or get out of bed. I'm on to you. You can't fool me.

And, lastly:

8. This is my bed (key words being "my" bed). Do not fight me for space. And do not groan if I shift you over so that I don't fall off the edge. Remember, I feed you.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Sweetest Puggle...

Bruschi gets a bad rap for being a food-stealing, impatiently whining little bugger, but I gotta tell you, all that is wrapped up in one incredibly sweet, super loving dog.

I'm working late (its almost 12:30 am Eastern), and most of the house is upstairs, asleep. I walk out into the living room, and there is Bruschi, fighting the sandman on the couch while waiting for me to retire. His head delicately placed on the couch pillow, paw ever so carefully curled under his chin.

If cuddling him wasn't a good enough excuse for a work-break, nothing is. So, I sat down, leaned in, pet his super-soft head, gave him a kiss, and told him I loved him. He licked my cheek. We cuddled a bit more, I told him we'd go to bed soon, and headed back to the computer. He sighed, put his head back down, and closed his eyes.

Really, its worth the peanut butter sandwich that we "shared" earlier this evening.
(Left: Cell phone photo of Bruschi right now)