Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bruschi, Kodi, meet Teddy!

This is sort of a teaser post-- because the videos and photos aren't quite ready yet, but I couldn't resist blogging about Brian's and my latest adventure-- introducing Bruschi and Kodi to our new baby, Theodore.

We've been doing household baby prep for the past 9 months-- exposing the dogs to more babies and children, setting up the baby gear, correcting some nagging behavior problems (like barking and pulling on the leash, riding in the front seat of the car, etc). For me, this was more important than any aspect of "nesting."
If I didn't already have an infinite number of reasons I love my dogs before yesterday, i'd have another one afterward. Bruschi and Kodi had a fabulous reaction to the new edition. I couldn't have asked for better, and, I couldn't have asked for two more patient dogs yesterday while Brian and I stumbled through our solo flight as parents, without the help of nurses, a nursery or my mother.

And, perhaps because while still in the womb, Teddy had tons of dog exposure (animal welfare research projects, HSUS Conference, trip to Best Friends, numerous adoption events, a foster dog, a few obedience classes...) barking, sniffing and wet noses did not seem to phase him.

Stay tuned for more details on the actual introduction, including some video footage.
below: kodi and I at 8 m0s, Bruschi and I the night before the baby was born. gotta love cell phone cameras!

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Kirstyn said...

Neat blog, Colleen! I didn't know that you had visited Best Friends...I'm assuming it's the one in Utah? If so, I was there...god...probably 8 years ago?! A friend and I stayed there and volunteered for around 4 days. My boyfriend at the time saw a picture I took of one of the cats there and thought he looked really sweet, so I adopted him and flew out to Vegas where they dropped him off at the airport for me. Anyway...looking forward to following your adventure. Looks like you're doing a great job balancing the dog/kid thing:-) Reminds me a little of that movie, Marley and Me.