Monday, August 24, 2009

QT with the Pups

Excessive home renovations and baby prep limited time lavishing the pups with fun adventures and outings this summer, and a few weeks ago, I craved some quality time with Bruschi and Kodi.

In the car we got, headed to Quiet Waters in Annapolis for a day of play, then lunch downtown. Bruschi and Kodi took in the multiple dog parks, trail walk, and the romp on the beach. Bruschi bravely entered the water, chest deep, and Kodi took to critter surveillance in the swamp.

After, we stopped at the conveniently located dog spa just outside the park to de-stinkify the canines, then headed to a nice Annapolis restaurant with an outdoor dining patio that catered to dogs.

We rode home with the top down and two very, very tired dogs.

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